Evolution and Moral Truths Essay

Evolution and Moral Truths Essay

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All throughout history, there has always been a debate over the role that absolute moral truths play in proving the earth’s evolutionary history. A huge percent of theists say that the presence of moral truths absolutely do not provide evidence for evolution. From their point of view, morals come directly from God and can not be proven by physical and earthly means such as evolution. This paper will examine the opposing idea, which states that evolution does in fact provide evidence for morality and that moral truths can back up the theory of evolution.
In order to fully examine this argument, it must first be determined what moral and absolute truths are. Attempting to define absolute truths is quite difficult. In today’s culture, it is often confused with relative truth. The idea of absolute truth states that whatever is true in a certain place or time, is true everywhere and at all times. It also holds to the belief that whatever is true for one person is true for all persons. Under this definition, truth is always going to be true regardless of whether or not a certain person believes it. This idea also asserts that truth is discovered and revealed rather than being created by man. This idea contrasts with the idea of relative truth. Relative truth holds to the idea that truth is true only at one point in time. It also asserts that what is true for one person may not necessarily be true for others. It states that while something may be true now, it might not have been true in the past and may not be true in the future, as well. This type of truth is always subject to change and to the perspective and interpretation of people.
In order to related this concept of truth back to the idea of evolution, it is necessary to examin...

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... and the processes involved in natural selection and evolution. The weakest of these pieces is sympathy. This is simply due to the fact that there can be quite a few exceptions to that rule. When analyzed together, this evidence can definitively prove that morality came about as a result of evolution. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the reverse is true: morality provides evidence of evolution.

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