Evolution And Evolution Of Urban Space Essay examples

Evolution And Evolution Of Urban Space Essay examples

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Throughout the semester Professor Beck covered an array of topics that dealt with the history and evolution of urban space in a sociological perspective. One of the first topics that was covered in class was the topic of human ecology. Human ecology is the study of human relations in their natural, social and built environments. Human ecology has particular relevance to this course because urban space has been a part of human life since the day humans started to roam the earth.
The city has been evolving for the better since the times of widespread disease and famine that once hit “urbanized cities” during the industrial revolution. During the 1800’s diseases like typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis impacted people in a way where it was expected for loved ones and individuals around to potentially lose their lives to these diseases. As time pressed forward scientists were able to create vaccines and make it aware that disease control was not only in the hands of people to not spread it but in the hands of the city builders to ensure the living space was sanitary.
The introduction of sewage systems proved to be one of the biggest factors that helped the city boom and people to live longer. Disease and bacteria are harbored in feces and garbage and in the time of the industrial revolution and back, human waste and garbage was scattered all of the streets creating uninhabitable space. The people that were living in cities such as London or New York had to deal with living conditions that are unimaginable today. One of the reasons the space in these cities was so poor was because the lack of funds and income most people had during this time. There were no regulations that posed for minimum wages, laws against child labor and so forth,...

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...wrong in such habits, especially ones that seem to come naturally to us. When we as a society can better understand why such social stigmas as being implemented on certain people we can start creating better approaches and solutions to slowly eliminate these prejudices every person finds themselves making. There is a subculture in cities of discrimination and it is critical that as a society we are conscious of the role we play in either changing such habits or keep feeding into them.
This course has provided great value to my sociology career and better understanding how the urban world has evolved. Many of the authors and concepts we covered in class i have been able to see and apply in world outside whether it be at ISU or back home in Chicago. These topics all have impacted society in an immense way and it is important to be able to think critically about them.

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