Evolution And Evolution Of The Universe Essay

Evolution And Evolution Of The Universe Essay

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All around the world, people believe in different ways as to how the whole universe was created; Creation or Evolution? Creation is the belief that God took seven days to create all the stars, planets, moons, water, plants, and all life on earth. This is a belief that is adopted by Christians all over the world. Evolution is a more scientific approach to the creation of the universe and earth. Evolutionists believe that the universe took millions of years to become what it is today. Not just seven days. They (evolutionists) believe that the whole universe happened from a “God Particle” which imploded on itself creating all the matter in existence. All though things like the Law of conservation of mass, people like Charles Darwin, and the fact that there are no fossils that occur in between species called “crossover fossils.”
Evolution was created by a man named Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was raised a christian as a child and believed in creation, and he even had intended to become a priest. Darwin was a devout christian until his daughter died. Darwin had prayed to God for his daughter not to die, but she did and Darwin became angry with God. This had all happened before his trip to the galapagos island in 1831. When Darwin had gone to the island, he was looking for a way to get back at God for his daughter’s death, and so became the birth of the Theory of evolution.
Ever since Darwin publically introduced evolution, it has become the most widely believed thing in the United States among college graduates and people age 18-29 (Gallup) as of 2014. Although, one would think that evolution would be more of a popular thing if it was one-hundred percent true. After all, Evolution is just a theory just like the big bang, which coin...

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... a half miles deep as the average. Therefore proving again that evolution is incorrect. Then take a look at the genetic code, in order for evolution to be true, the genetic code would have to be getting better and better, it is getting worse. We are contracting more diseases, more viruses, more serious forms of cancer, and more disorders. None of that sounds like an improving genetic code.
So, which side is true? The side full of laws and theories that counteract each other and no physical proof? Or the side that has been proven through written words and earthly proof? After all, Charles Darwin did create his THEORY of evolution because he was mad at God for not saving his daughter. So if one has to choose which side to pick, Evolution might make the most sense because of science, but in reality, all science does is just prove itself wrong in as many ways as it can.

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