The Evolution and Effect of Video Games Essay

The Evolution and Effect of Video Games Essay

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The first video game console was invented by Ralph H Baer. He invented the brown box which featured seven games such as table tennis, volley ball, hand ball, soccer, golf, checkers and target shooting in 1968. It was later released in 1972 known as the odyssey gaming system. It costed just 100 dollars at that time.

Advances in computing power, graphics technology has enabled significant advances in video gaming technology. Initially, several games were developed to run on the processing power of personal computers. Computers needed to have an advanced graphics card, high processing speed and capacity to have rich experience of the game. This resulted in specialized gaming consoles specially designed for rich graphics and high memory. There are several organizations specialized in gaming equipment, gaming software and content. Some of the leading players are Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft X-box. These providers typically have gaming console which can be connected to the TV or computer screen to play the games. Initially, these games come up with the necessary remote connected to the gaming console. Most of these providers also have portable version of their gaming consoles. Portable gaming consoles are a big hit among children as it enables to carry their games wherever they want. There are also number of gaming content providers who produce gaming software according to the specifications of the gaming console providers. Some of the popular games include car racing, bike racing, cricket, soccer, golf and tennis etc. Gaming content providers also produced games with characters from hit Hollywood and Bollywood action characters to capture the imagination of the young children. There are lot of youngsters who follow t...

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...system doing no physical activity can lead to obesity. Long hours of vide gaming can harm the morale and mental health of the children. Sitting in front of the TV or video gaming console for a long time can also affect the eye sight of the children at a very young age. Video games can adversely impact the children’s brain in terms of observation skills, concentration and paying attention to details etc. Video games just appear to cast a spell on children and give them the visual idea that there are colourful animated figures moving around on the screen. Many parents come to the doctor with complaints that their child is growing obese by the day and not doing any physical activity. Some children, when are asked to go out and play they don’t play on the field instead they go to friends house and start playing video games. It weakens the natural sense of observation.

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