Essay on The Evil War: Star Wars

Essay on The Evil War: Star Wars

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Droid heads and clone heads flew through the air as a starfighter powered up and headed back to Naboo. For the next few hours of the day, Jedi fought for their lives. But their battle was in vain, because the sheer number of the droids overpowered them, and soon droids surrounded them. Preparing to flee, the Jedi radiated with pleasure to hear a buzz. Right on time, an extremely loud buzzing noise filled the air, and a starfighter came into view. It was pearly white, sparkly, and shiny.
Yoda beamed when the pilot, Shaak Ti, and the co-pilot, R2-D2, stepped out. He stopped smiling because the droids had ganged up on them and they were standing completely around them, and when everybody was out he looked at them and they had bloody marks all over them. As he was chopping the droids heads off, the others were force-pushing enemies out of the way. They ran past Yoda. He climbed on a dinohorse that kicked him up high and he used the force to stay up long enough to collapse their ships and force-push all the ones outside together. General Grievous popped up from an overhead ship. Their ships blew up on contact because General Grievous had force-pushed all of them together. Then Yoda sees a nearby box and gets an idea. Yoda starts running and General Grievous followed. Yoda hides in the box until the General is far away from his box. Then, he used the Force to push the crate at the back of General Grievous and knocked him over. He then takes the cruiser and flies away.
Meanwhile on the planet Tatooine, Padme was cooking a welcome home cake with help from R2-D2 and C-3P0 for Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker. Anakin finally came home, exhausted and happy to be with Padme.
Then the Jedi council called a meeting and Anakin had to leave...

... middle of paper ...

...d the room.
When a messenger came to Padme, she sighed with relief, but the relief didn’t last long. She soon found out that Anakin was in another fight with the Separatists. I wish the war would end thought Padme. On Christophsis, Anakin was thinking the same thing, fighting droids off left & right.
After all this lovey-dovey stuff, you’re going to think this is pretty grim but, Jabba the Hutt’s Aunt Jakira caught republic troops “trespassing” on her ground when Jabba specifically said we were allowed to walk all Hutts’ grounds in writing!!!!! But no matter how much we pleaded she said, “There is no excuse for trespassing on MY grounds.” And we continued to do it. She captured Padme’s droid C-3PO. she had plans to do worse if they continued like capturing Padme herself.

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