Essay on Evil Is an Illness in Shakespeare's MacBeth

Essay on Evil Is an Illness in Shakespeare's MacBeth

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Illness is defined as a disease of the body or mind; poor health; sickness. Not only is it a disease, but it’s also evil and wickedness. Let’s travel through Shakespeare’s Macbeth to see how Shakespeare proves this to be true. While Macbeth’s power expands, his physical illness shows his evilness. Lady Macbeth’s increasing physical illness represents her growing guilt. As evil and guilt appear more and more, it makes clear the decrease in mental stability. By examining illness, one can determine that physical illness is a metaphor for the illness of their minds.
Evil is shown to get the best of Macbeth as he gains power. Macbeth begins to turn away from being a hero and good to the devil’s spawn. Before, he used to be open and let people know who he was, but not since he has been thinking murderous thoughts. “Let not light see my black and deep desires.” Macbeth’s wants and thoughts are becoming evilness which are sick. Shakespeare gives us the first sign of Macbeth’s illness coming in to the play. The illness of Macbeth leading into evilness in him. When people think of good vs. ev...

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