Essay on Evidence on Prehistoric Sharks

Essay on Evidence on Prehistoric Sharks

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Evidence on Prehistoric Sharks

One of the previous papers in English class required the class to pick a paper to explore, this question will be concentrated on further in the synthesis essay. What evidence do scientist have to prove that prehistoric sharks existed? The reason behind picking this question wasn’t just to find proof that these monsters swam the seas, but to learn more about them from different resources. One of the resources that were used was a chapter in Angelo Mojetta’s book Sharks, called “ The Birth Of A Legend”. The other resource that was used for information was an article in Discovery Channels website called “ Prehistoric Sharks”. Sharks and Discovery Channel are the two resources that led to many other questions about their different, and similar views on prehistoric sharks existence.
Mojetta wrote about prehistoric sharks, and the history of these creatures. According to Angelo Mojetta, author of Sharks, Cladoselache genus, one of the first prehistoric sharks, was buried in sediment that kept it preserved. Unlike other sharks, Cladoselache genus had a circle of tiny plates around it’s eyes for protection against it’s victim’s attempts to fight back. These sharks lived over 400 million years ago. Sharks of the past could mostly be identified by their teeth, because shark’s bodies are made of cartilage. Another shark that was focused on was called, Stethacanthus. This shark had a very unique look. Stethacanthus had a brush like decoration on the top of it’s head, and an extra fin like part that had the same bristle like decorations on it. These characteristics were thought to be used as suction cups, to hitch rides from larger fish. One of the most famous sharks that looks like an over...

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...lodon and Dunkleosteus, it left you wanting more. Mojetta and Discovery Channel makes people want to know more about the prehistoric sharks that swam the dark seas.
Mojetta and Discovery Channel had a lot of strong data on prehistoric sharks. The information that was presented in their text gives people knowledge of prehistoric sharks characteristics, time frame they lived in and the remains of these creatures. These bits of information might raise more questions for people about evolution. There have been many different species of prehistoric sharks discovered throughout the years.

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