Evidence Of Handbook Evaluation For School District And School Board Policy

Evidence Of Handbook Evaluation For School District And School Board Policy

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Evidence of Handbook Evaluation
There are 100 sections in 2015-2016 Elementary School Handbook Grades K-8 of the Harrison County School District (HCSD). During my eleven years of teaching in HCSD I have referenced the student handbook on many occasions. I believe that it is current to the time we live in, and that it is easily understood by those that read it. Everything is clearly explained in a direct and simple manner. It’s not written in a way that would confuse the reader. The student handbook for HCSD is evaluated yearly in accordance with school district and school board policy.
Evidence of Handbook Sections Analyzed
The first section I analyzed is the attendance policy. The HCSD attendance policy allows an elementary student to miss 10 days that can be excused by a parent note. The teacher must receive this excuse within two days of the absence of it will be considered an unexcused absence. A student basically has the right to unlimited absences if they have a medical excuse from their primary care physician or any other medical doctor indicated that they are under medical supervision. The following procedures are used to notify the attendance officer of the Harrison County Family Court of a violation of the compulsory school attendance law:
-5th unexcused absence the attendance officer will be notified
-10th unexcused absence the attendance officer will be notified
-12th unexcused absence the attendance officer will be notified
-Harrison County Truancy Officer will have access t all student attendance records
The second section that I evaluated and analyzed was the section regarding tardiness. The HCSD student handbook states that “due to the uniqueness of each school, procedures for handling t...

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...arrison county. Somehow the parents are getting proofs of residency that don’t match where they physically live. The last section deals with students that enroll from home schooling. I know for a fact these students are not tested. They are put in the age level group and that’s all there is to it. Testing of no kind takes place upon enrollment at my school.
Recommendations and Changes for the Handbook
I would recommend that each of these sections I have mentioned be examined. An examination would provide a chance to improve what I view as shortcomings. Improvement would limit the liability of the HCSD for future lawsuits. If parents were to notice these shortcomings that I have mentioned, they could possibly exploit them for a monetary gain on their part. This would mean a loss of monies that could be used for the instruction of the students of the HCSD.

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