Evidence Based Nursing Problem Based Practice For Safe Patient Handling And Movement

Evidence Based Nursing Problem Based Practice For Safe Patient Handling And Movement

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In this case I will discuss evidence based nursing problem which has a very big impact to the nurses which is evidence- based practices for safe patient handling and movement. Evidence-based practice is critically appraised and scientifically proven evidence for delivering quality health care to a specific population. This is very important because it will help me in reduction of injuries that are associated with patient handling. There are very many approaches that can be used or rather are used in patient handling. These includes manual patient lifting, classes in body mechanics, training in safe lifting techniques, and back belts. Amazingly there has been a strong evidence that this methods still they do not help in reducing nurses or caregiver’s injuries.
The experience have had and learnt is that patient handling and movement works are physically demanding. This is because patients differ in weight, physical disability and also the level of co-operation of the patient. This becomes personal concern when it comes to patient lifting because later in future it may have an impact on you. I learnt that it is for my own benefit to follow necessary precautions to avoid injuries. Also I have heard an experience of putting all the precautions into practice.
Nursing research has tremendous influence especially when it comes to current and future professional nursing practice. This has made it to be part of educational process. Nurse’s roles have been well defined and have been evolving from time to time. Nurses have been known to work in various settings including the hospital which is a major specialization for most of the nurses, the classroom where they are able to teach, community health department, home health care and also the la...

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...h multiple clients by at least meeting all their needs. It has also helped me greatly in my decision making skills which are very crucial for a nurse in clinical set up. It has helped me putting into practice all that have learnt. I have also learnt different professional ethics that have helped me to know what is expected of me.
Professional ethics that I have learnt I will ensure I put them into practice to help me especially in patient care where I am supposed to act as a patient advocate and also in guiding professional behavior. With the leadership skills I have acquired I will ensure that I exhibit the capacity to contribute as productive member of the profession and in assuming my duties and leadership roles as expected to ensure the best patient management. The decision making skills I learnt I will use them in making the right decisions in various issues.

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