Evidence Based C are for Breastfeeding Mothers by Maria Pollard Essay

Evidence Based C are for Breastfeeding Mothers by Maria Pollard Essay

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Evidence based care for breastfeeding mothers written by Maria Pollard aims to assist and educate midwives to meet the challenges of providing care to breastfeeding mothers based on evaluated scientific research and knowledge. This book is primarily designed as the title suggests as a resource for midwives and allied health professionals. It acknowledges the philosophy of a multi-disciplinary approach. Maria Pollards background in the development and teaching of midwifery education programmes makes this a valuable resource primarily targeting midwives at all stages of their careers.
This book covers a broad range of topics yet can be divided into 6 sections: anatomy and physiology, essential skills and best practice guidelines, management of common problems, babies and mothers with special needs, public health issues and complementary feeding. Maria Pollard writes with a student friendly style discussing and presenting evidence based care in each of these areas in an undaunting manner. The structure and presentation remain consistent throughout the book with clear learning outcomes identified at the beginning of each chapter. This immediately engages with the reader and highlights the main aspects to be discussed. With each topic that Maria Pollard discusses she provides thought provoking scenarios, short quizzes and encourages group discussion and reflection. Again this highlights Maria’s background in education as the use of reflection is the trademark of good practice today.
Section one is designed to firstly discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, who breastfeeds, what factors affect this decision and the anatomy and physiology behind this process. Through the use of resources such as The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding ...

... middle of paper ...

...re for breastfeeding mothers is written and based upon UK Standards with constant reference been made to UNICEF recommendations. This book is adaptable and versatile and the information between its covers should be a resource for health professionals globally. What is one of the most important aspects of this incredible book are the use and references to recognized best practice guidelines and the high quality of the resources used by Miss Pollard. Increased emphasis is placed on educating mothers yet it is highlighted that before this is achieved health care professional should have sound evidence based knowledge and education in this area. Maria Pollards book is well presented and overall a very welcome addition to my library and one in which this student will not hesitate to recommend to colleagues and friends in clinical areas and academic institutions.

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