Essay about Everything you need to know about output devices

Essay about Everything you need to know about output devices

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Everything You Need To Know About Output Devices
What is an output device you ask? Well, an output device is anything that can convert electronic information into hard information. The most common form of an output device would be a printer. The printer would be the device that would take the electronic information from most commonly a computer and put it on to a piece of paper and now that electronic information would be information that can be read and used. Although, output devices are not limited to printers or hard information you can hold. That in a nut shell would be an output device, now I will tell you more about output devices and different kinds of output devices.
There are many different kinds of printers, but most can be classified as impact or non-impact printers. An impact printer would be a printer were the ink is actually struck onto the paper by a piece of the printer, hence the name impact printer. A non-impact printer, you guessed it, does not strike the paper at all. Instead, depending upon what kind of printer it is, it will spray tiny drops of ink onto the paper or in some cases use electronically charged ink. Non-impact printers are typically more quite then the impact for the reason of not physically striking the paper and tend to be the more modern design for printers. (

Figure 1 Impact Printer

Figure 2 Non-Impact Printer

Another main type of printer would be the photo printer. A photo printer is usually an inkjet printer, although it can be a thermal dye printer, which has the ability to print high-quality digital photos and other vibrant color projects. The appeal of being able to print pictures instantly, along with the drop in digital camera prices, has enticed...

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... can be audio devices as well. The technology has taken output devices into the future with some really cool devices such as holograms and virtual reality devices.

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