Essay on Everyone has the Right to Have Health insurance in the US

Essay on Everyone has the Right to Have Health insurance in the US

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Rachel was 40 years old when she moved from India to USA with her husband and four kids to fulfill their American dreams. She knew little english and had great difficulty fitting into the new environment in America. She was unable to work because she had to take care of her 10- month-old daughter. Her husband, who was a lawyer in India, was now working at Forman Mills for minimum wage. Recently, Rachel was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Her doctors said her tumor is almost seven years old and if she has routine check ups, her survival rate will be higher. Rachel did not have a health insurance and because of this, she postponed necessary care and avoided preventive care. Even though she gets basic treatments from Public Healthcare Center it is not enough for this chronic disease. Her family is helpless; if her husband took insurance coverage from workplace there would be little money left for their daily expenses after paying for insurance premiums. Her husband is now planning to take another job so he can take workplace insurance and save his wife.
There are so many uninsured citizens and immigrants in USA and many people who delay care in fear of medical bills. It is shameful that americans likes to boast that they have the highest lifestyle in the world, yet in this twenty-first century, we are the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee necessary healthcare to all of its citizens. Therefore, to resolve this crisis in country like USA where everybody believes; Everyone is born equal, should have access to affordable health care system because if we don’t have health insurance many people will not have health insurance and the premiums will increase dramatically for the insured people.
In less developed c...

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