Essay about Everyone Has the Capacity to Do Evil

Essay about Everyone Has the Capacity to Do Evil

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Throughout time humans have been trying to explain the nature of evil and man’s relationship with evil. Many have come up with an explanation that seems logic but yet some still disagree. In this case the authors of Macbeth, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Picture of Dorian Gray, Paradise lost, and Beowulf all share the same concept that anyone has the capacity to do evil, but they disagree with each other on the idea that evil is not a choice.
All these writers agree that any individual has the capacity to do evil. Sometimes the most reliable of people can end up betraying someone else as seen in the case of King Duncan from the play of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. King Duncan was a good King but his greatest flaw was to always trust the wrong people such as the one that used to be the Thane of Cawdor. “He was an absolute gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust.”(1.4.13-14). apparently the King didn’t learn his lesson and ended up causing his own death. He made the mistake of putting his trust in the hands of Macbeth, a great warrior who people greatly admired before he killed their king and committed other violent and serious crimes just to get what he wanted. Macbeth’s wife gives him the following advice “Look like th’ innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.” (1.5.63-64). this supports the idea that anyone can do evil even the people that look the most innocent just like in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert L. Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll was a respected doctor and a prosperous man who was well established in the community. He was mainly known in the community for his decency and charitable works. Throughout a series of experiments he brought into existence his darker half that he had hidden over the years and ...

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...a genetic component where the person who committed the crime can also be a victim because it wasn’t their fault to be born with that genetic disorder. Sometimes they might not even be aware that what they are doing is wrong and can be considered by society as something evil.
These stories have much in common but yet they still have their differences. While they disagree on whether or not evil is a choice, they share in common the same belief “Nice people-especially in a tiny, multicultural world in which different civilizations inhabit different centuries-are often moved to evil deeds.” (Article 2) any being can be capable of doing evil, even if they look innocent in the eyes of others. Because an individual is not truly one but truly two, regardless of whether or not it was our choice to become evil or we were already predestined to become evil by a higher power.

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