Every Single Day Gun Rights Essay

Every Single Day Gun Rights Essay

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Every single day gun rights are being discussed. There is a certain kind of group that think guns are the reason for all the violence in the world. This group also believes that if they succeed in taking away guns, then there will no longer be people killed and no more acts of violence will take place. This essay will help give people a better idea from my standpoint on what good and bad guns really do.
The thought of taking away guns can make people very angry and hostile. There are people that collect guns and have made their life long living off of making and selling guns. If one day guns get taken away and outlawed, then there will be many jobs that get taken away with these guns. The firearms industry employs 220,000 employees and rakes in more than 33 billion dollars to the U.S economy (Stubborn Facts). These numbers more than double General Motors, which President Obama refers to as “a pillar of success of our economy.” The President has tried to take guns away since he was elected in 2008. This is interesting because our country is in massive debt and one would think the president would want us to keep building our economy instead of destroying it by taking away guns.
Taking away guns would not destroy murders from happening. Most people that want guns taken away could not tell you the difference between a hunting weapon and an assault weapon. These same people are the ones that say guns are the root of all evil and guns kill people. Anyone that is going to use a gun would be able to tell you the differences of hunting weapon and an assault weapon right away. To legally shoot a firearm you have to have completed a hunter 's safety class, and you have to be certified by a hunters safety instructor. A study recently perfor...

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...ears me if my guns were to be taken away. Myself and everyone else stuck in the situation would be sitting ducks if a terrorist attack would take place. If there were guns in the hands of the citizens and not just the attackers the outcome would be different. I believe there would be way less numbers dead and wounded because the citizens could have retaliated to this hostile situation, instead of being helpless.
Many people choose to disagree with Trump no matter what he says. I do think he is right in this situation. If one were to take away all weapons, then how would we defend ourselves in an uprise of government or a terrorist attack. There is always the point that we have our military and law officers to take care of these situations. This is a valid point but the number of deaths in a hostage situation would go down dramatically if one could defend their self.

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