Essay about Every Day Life in Elizabethan England

Essay about Every Day Life in Elizabethan England

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Everyday Life
Well five hundred years ago, we lived a totally different life style. The period connected with the time in power of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603) that is often careful to be a golden age in English history, have focused mostly on the lives of the era's wealthy upper class. Queen Elizabeth I she ruled England over five hundred ago. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII. The queen had an evil sister named Mary, who always tried to get her in trouble and also embarrassed her. She was very popular monarch people loved her so much. The queen was a role model for English.
One of her finest speeches was made when she addressed to the English army at Tisbury Fort, when invasion by the mighty Spanish Armada was imminent:
"...I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart of a king, and of a king of England, too; and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe, should dare to invade the borders of my realms: to which, rather than any dishonor should grow by me, I myself will take up arms..."
People in Elizabethan time believe that families were to be role models of the public. Families at the time rules based from the Bible sections showing the concern of the parents to as their children growing up to teach them the proper manner. Love was not considered a purpose to marry. But they did see that love come during married life. Some marriages was more them likely among friend and neighbors excepting for upright classes. The lower group classes were open to make their own choice in their marriage matters. The wives were known as ‘’property’’ to their husbands and the ladies were expected to get marry on depend on a man, that’s how the woman were raise back in Elizabethan Era t...

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...mited programs.
After finishing grammar school, most of the boys started working. Those who wanted to learn a trade they attached themselves to a well-known trader and craftsman as apprentices. And if they wanted to really further their education they want off to Universities. Fashions in England during this period of time considered a way of self expression, so the way they dress that’s how they were feeling. Women fashion was plain but they made it nice looking. Their clothes covered up the skin from the neck on down to the ankle. Man clothes were just damn near the same as women clothes with the ruffles too. Girls and boys also wore the same things as everybody else. Dressing was important to them they took time out to the dress themselves. Well now you know a little how they live. Now compare our lives to theirs and wonder could you live the way they did.

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