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Every Day, by David Levithan Essay

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Breaking rules is what makes humans learn. This is what David Levithan interpreted in his 322-page fictional novel, Every Day. David Levithan uses characterization, vivid imagery, and irony to convey to readers that systems don’t follow rules.
Every Day, a 322-page fictional novel by David Levithan takes place in Maryland. In the novel, Every Day, there are protagonists, and antagonists. The novel’s protagonist goes by the name A, and Rhiannon. The antagonists are Nathan, and Justin. Throughout the novel readers learn that A is not an ordinary human being. When A was born he was able to switch bodies of own his age everyday. When A was a toddler he thought that everyone was just like him, and he started to realize that his life was a lie. As the years went by a made up his own rules so he won’t ruin the person’s life, but that all changed when he was 16. He met a girl named Rhiannon through her boyfriend’s body, Justin. A fell in love with Rhiannon, and took her to the beach, and Rhiannon felt something different, and she liked it. One day A went into Nathan’s body, and went to a party to meet Rhiannon. A danced, and talked with her until he realized it was late and he had to leave as soon as possible. It was around 11 pm, and A couldn’t get to Nathan’s home any sooner so A went to the side of a road, and left the body. When Nathan woke up there were polices investigating his car. He claimed that a demon got inside him because he knew what was going on, but didn’t know how. A couple days later Justin wanted to tell Rhiannon who he was, and when he did she couldn’t believe him, but as time went by he started to fall for her. During the climax of the story Justin saw Rhiannon talking to A. Justin came up to A and they started to...

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... systems don’t follow the rules because even though A knew the consequences of going to the party, and not getting home on time could affect his life, and secret. Levithan used irony to show readers, systems don’t follow rules by proving the universal theme.
A 332-page fictional novel, Every Day, uses, characterization, vivid imagery, and irony to convey to readers that, systems don’t follow rules. In the novel, A is not a human; he is a soul wandering body to body each day. He fell in love with a girl named Rhiannon, and wanted her, but he knew it was impossible because of his conditions. The novel took place in Maryland, and was based off of A’s life. David Levithan used characterization, vivid imagery, and irony to show readers that you don’t have to follow rules, because it won’t lead you to your destiny.

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