Everest, By William Eliot And Simon Beaufoy Essay

Everest, By William Eliot And Simon Beaufoy Essay

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Everest, written by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy, is an American-British film released in 2015. It is based on the true story of the two expedition groups led by Rob Hall and Scott Fischer who in an attempt to reach the top of Mount Everest are hit by a devastating snowstorm that causes the death of almost all the climbers. Nicholson and Beaufoy are depicting a relationship where humans are trying to conquer their environment for their own personal benefit. The filmmakers show that in pursuit of this overtaking, humans must adapt to and thoroughly understand their environments in order to successfully accomplish this. These arguments connect to the tendencies embodied within the Enlightment Movement and its’ thinkers such as Francis Bacon. However, some could argue that the filmmakers were also trying to depict a bliss environment that must be adored and respected as was displayed in the texts of Romantic thinkers such as William Wordsworth and John Muir.
Emerging from the scientific innovations and urbanization of The Enlightment movement was the notion of human domination over nature. In Everest, the climbers had one goal: to make it to the top of the mountain. As Rob Hall said it, “We will beat this mountain.” This gives the viewers the sense of domination and desire that humans have for controlling their environment. While the climbers were all competing with one another to summit first, they realized that in order to “beat” the mountain then they must cooperate with one another taking a “we” rather than an “I” approach, much like that used during the Enlightment. Furthermore, when the climbers reached the top of the mountain they all marked the territory with flags and other personal possessions. The filmmakers are d...

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William Cronon, an environmental historian, believed that the Enlightment and Romantic movements had much in common. Interpretation of Cronon’s essay shows these commonalities by describing how humans view themselves as being separate from the environment. Cronon uses the term “wilderness” to describe the separation that was brought about by the rapid industrialization of Earth, a theory consistent with that of the Enlightments. By separating these two entities, humans think of the “wilderness” as a pristine, untouched place that needs to be set aside in order and respected, much like that see in the Romantic ideals. Cronon would suggest that Everest brings these two movements together by presenting Everest as the ultimate wilderness, possessing majestic beauty, that is inhabitable by humans, and as a result humans want to connect with nature by conquering it.

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