Essay about The Ever Increasing Urgancy for World Peace

Essay about The Ever Increasing Urgancy for World Peace

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The 20th century can be credited as being one of the most violent times in recorded history. There were over 98 million war related deaths, which is about six times the combined deaths of both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Orwell conveys each of these killings as “one mind less, one world less.” World peace would be an important goal to work towards. Many wanted to achieve world peace, however, there were many different visions for how this could be accomplished. Despite the many anti-war actions that occurred during the previous centuries, the twentieth century marks the conception of an organized approach to global peace. Advocates of world peace believed that with an ever increasing connected world, military advances, and increasing cost of weapons gave urgency to this movement.1 Through a means of citizen and direct government involvement, the United States took an active role in promoting world peace through the actions of private citizens, diplomatic means, and international organizations.
Global peace, first started to emerge during the 1840’s, the first world peace conference would be held in London, proposed by Joseph Sturge with the American Peace Society. There were many private individuals, acting on their own in pursuit of world peace. Citizens such as Andrew Carnegie and Jane Addams contributed to this peace movement in many different ways. Carnegie believed that the wealthy should assume responsibility for making the world a more peaceful place. His endowment helped establish the international relations sections of Carnegie funded libraries and promoting the peaceful resolution of disputes. Still thriving today, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. One of Carnegie’s largest commitments fo...

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...lation which provoked numerous political disputes along with trade disruptions. To mend this issue, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was created. The U.S. contributed the most amount of money to these institutions, thereby controlling their operations.
Many wanted to achieve world peace, however, there were many different visions for how this could be accomplished. With many private citizens as peace advocates, legal channels such as treaties, and international organizations. Ultimately, the question is - did these efforts make the world any more peaceful during the early twentieth century? No, they did not make it any more peaceful. 98 million people died, a statistic that can’t be argued against. On the brighter side of things, if we look at the organizations that were enacted, most are still in place and thriving promoting their goals for a better world.15

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