The Events That Took Place At Antietam Essay

The Events That Took Place At Antietam Essay

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Chapter 4 discusses the events that took place at Antietam on September 17, 1862. Near the end of 1862, the South was predicted to be victorious in the Civil War. That changed after the pivotal events at Antietam.
On the morning of September 17, 1862, the Union and Confederate armies commenced battle near the creek of Antietam. Antietam would be a fierce, bloody battle that would ultimately change the outcome of the War. Although Union and Confederate regiments both suffered heavy casualties from one of the fiercest battles in the Civil War, the remains of Robert E. Lee’s army would retreat,
The Union success at Antietam would boost Union morale and would soon contribute to a complete Union victory at the end of the Civil War. Had it not been for a Union victory at Antietam, the Emancipation Proclamation would have been severely offset or maybe not even put into place at all. The course of history could have been completely different if not for the victory. Thankfully, the Union victory fast tracked the Thirteenth Amendment which led to the abolishment of slavery. However, that would not end discrimination towards the African American community, which is later discussed in detail in Chapter 10.
Chapter 5 discusses the events of The Homestead Strike on July 6, 1892. Due to a dispute over the employment at a local mill, 300 Pinkerton Detectives traveled to Homestead in two custom barges. On that day they went to Homestead to “bust the union of steel workers”. The industrial revolution would bring about new rules and regulations that both employers and employees would have to abide by.
On the morning of July 6, watchmen had spotted the Pinkertons on the river headed to Homestead, so they alerted the town. Thousands of workers and c...

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... 9, 1959, Presley made his debut appearance on Ed Sullivan’s program.
Presley was believed to enormously boost the ratings on whatever show he was on. He began to sing a brand-new song but the camera’s cut away as soon as soon as Presley began “inappropriately gyrating”. That night, it is believed that four-fifths of American televisions were tuned in to what the famous family-friendly program.
His performance would “symbolize the emergence of a new youth culture that would transform American culture and politics in the postwar era” (Gillon). Presley would help to alleviate the limited range of culture options by exposing a new musical style to the masses. He helped to break barriers within the music industry and continues to survive as a symbol for inspiration even today.
Chapter 10 focuses the events that took place on June 21, 1964, during the “freedom Summer”.

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