Essay on The Events Of The Vietnam War

Essay on The Events Of The Vietnam War

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January 27, 1973 marked a momentous event in U.S. history. This was the first time the U.S. had to hang their heads in shame and withdraw from a war they couldn’t win. On this day, the U.S. and North Vietnam signed the Paris Agreement, which called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of U.S. troops in sixty days (Goff, South and Southeast Asia in the Late Cold War Era, 448). Some of the questions that come to mind are, “Why did the U.S. get involved in this war?”, “How did this war play out?”, and “What were peoples’ responses to this event?” After reading through the textbook, the article, and documents provided, it’s clear to see that there was a clear motive behind this war, but was it a justified one?
The textbook outlines the main events of the Vietnam War and is a springboard for further understanding of this conflict. Two of the main issues that contributed to the Vietnam War were the end of French rule via the Geneva Agreement, which partitioned Vietnam at the 17th parallel, and the competitive mindsets of Cold War superpowers (Goff, South and Southeast Asia in the Late Cold War Era, 444). The U.S. supported South Vietnam and it’s leader, President Ngo Dinh Diem, because it was strictly anti-communist while the Soviet Union and China supported North Vietnam and it’s leader, Ho Chi Minh, because of its communist government. These superpowers were able to war with one another indirectly and fight for the ideals they believed in. The U.S. poured support into South Vietnam via the Truman Doctrine and China and the Soviet Union were soon to follow suit (Goff, South and Southeast Asia in the Late Cold War Era, 445). After all the effort put into the war, the U.S. had to concede defeat because it was out of its element a...

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...r synthesizing all of this information, it is my belief that the Vietnam War was fought for egocentric reasons. The U.S. and Soviet Union used it as their battlefield for pitting Communism against Democracy. This lead to a war by proxy that was drawn out much longer than it needed to be, especially considering many peoples’ negative opinions on U.S. intervention. Also, I believe that if the U.S. hadn’t been so cruel to the harmless citizens in North Vietnam that we would have had a better chance of winning the war. It not only left the citizens of Vietnam traumatized and disrepair, but the soldiers involved as well. As Meadlo’s mother said, “I sent them a good boy and they made him a murderer (Hersh, “Scene of the Crime”, 4). In conclusion, I believe that the Vietnam War was fought with cruel intentions, poor and unrelenting battle strategies, and selfish backings.

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