The Events of the Grievance Process Essay

The Events of the Grievance Process Essay

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1. What is the typical sequence of events involved in the grievance process? Make sure you discuss each one thoroughly.
Within any organizations it is not uncommon to have disagreements amongst the employer and employees. It is typical to have disputes, dissatisfaction, misunderstandings, breach of contract or different interpretations to arise when it comes to specific agreements or requirements amongst the employee and the employees’ organization. When an issue shall arise amongst, the employee is offered the opportunity to a file a grievance. The objective of a grievance is to resolve a complaint or dissatisfaction through a formal process and resolve the issue at the lowest level possible.
The book defines a grievance as a complaint or an expression of dissatisfaction brought by an employee or an employee organization as the initial step toward resolution through a formal procedure (Swanson, 2012, pg. 494). Once an employee has deemed an issue grievable, they then must then follow the proper grievance procedure.
The grievance procedure is a formal process that has been the subject of bilateral negotiations and is detailed in contract (Swanson, 2012, pg. 495). The process is composed of seeking redress of the grievances through progressively higher levels of authority and most often culminates in binding arbitration (Swanson, 2012, pg. 495). When grievances are filed they shall follow a sequence that ensures that every effort shall be made by the parties to secure prompt dispositions of the grievances filed. The text outlines the following steps of sequence when proceeding with the grievance procedure:
Step 1. The member shall first present his/her grievance to his/her immediate supervisor within five days of the occurrence...

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... By the 1990s, a performance budget had regained favor in the federal government (Swanson, 2012, pg. 530). As a result of federal government and state level use of the performance budget, it has continued to evolve and is a mainstay of the budgetary practice. Although the terminology has shifted, the pure form of a performance-based budget is a results-oriented tool designed to relate the amount of various types of work done to the amount of money spent to produce work (Swanson, 2012, pg. 530). Although PBB has shifted away from using cost measures, cost accounting requires a high level of expertise and is expensive. Any PBB cost measures are typically minimal or may not even be present. Today police PBB has performance measures or indicators, which may be modest or more fully developed depending on the jurisdiction (Swanson, 2012, pg. 531).

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