Essay on The Events Of The First World War

Essay on The Events Of The First World War

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The First World War involved many countries and lasted for several years, except, it could not be singled out by one event, however, it was triggered by numerous issues ranging from economic, political, military, and historical events. Although, the First World War can be seen as a global conflict, the two International Relation theories, Realism and Classical Marxism highlights some of the significant factors that led to the causes of the First World War and indicating the effects it bought on the various countries involved.

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June 28, 1914, by a Serbian nationalist, was the start of a horrific conflict. Following his assassination, many countries, including Austria-Hungary felt that revenge on Serbia would be the only solution. This led to the start of war within other countries, incorporating, Germany, Britain, Russia and France. The assassination and the start of the war between these countries directed countless problems, tensions and growth that hindered the war to start because many of the alliances that were formed started to break apart.

Nationalism played an important role when it came to the First World War and gave way to the idea of imperialism. The main goal that all the countries wanted to reach was some sort of competition, economically and territorially. This affected the war for the reason that they wanted to prove that they were at the top and regain their power, except, at the same time every other country wanted to compete for the same thing, so it was more difficult to conquer. Nationalism increased the anticipation of the war because the motivation to have all the power and remain unstoppable instigated plenty of tension. In terms of capitalism, Imperialism and N...

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...imperialist rivalry’ was seen as an overwhelmingly likely source of conflict, and the First World War would have appeared as confirmation of this.” (134). This “rivalry” affected the First World War because all of the states are fighting to gain one thing, capital and the majority of those states are lacking a structured economy, therefore, they are going to compete.

In the end, the First World War was generated by many causes that led to several issues between the different countries that were involved. Realism and Marxism provided evidence that further explained the causes of the First World War and why things were the way they were. The First World War can teach us that there always shouldn’t be a need to start a war when compromising remains another possible motive and we can learn that the First World War was a learning lesson for all the countries involved.

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