Essay on Events Held At The Roman Coliseum

Essay on Events Held At The Roman Coliseum

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The many events held at the Roman Coliseum reflect Roman society and culture. This amphitheatre hosted a multitude of public spectacles and events including gladiator fights, animal hunts, mock naval battles, and public executions. Sometimes thousands of animals were killed in a single day’s event and often “brutality was deliberate in order to achieve crudeliter -- the correct amount of cruelty” ( Mark Cartwright ). The games also demonstrated the generosity of the Emperor to the people and provided an opportunity for ordinary people to see their rule in person. These events were ritual gifts from the emperor to the ruling class. All Roman citizens who wanted to attend were given free tickets. During this time, carnage and bloodshed were part of the entertainment. Outside the walls of the Coliseum, the acts portrayed would be an act of war; but inside the walls, it was purely entertainment. Generally, gladiatorial games were fought by trained gladiators, but slaves or prisoners were often forced to battle too. They were matched up based on ability. The gladiators that fought during battles were often dressed up as Roman mythological characters or enemies of Rome. Some well-known types of gladiators are “Bestiarrii,” who fought beasts (bears, lions, tigers, elephants, leopards, hippopotamuses, and bulls). These animal hunts involved one roman gladiator versus a wild animal. The Gladiator would try to kill the animal without being eaten. Other battles were fought by “Thracians”, who fought with curved swords; “Eques,” who fought on horseback; “Retiarri,” who captured enemies with a net and a long trident; and “Velites,” who fought in packs with spears. Public executions were held using captured criminals or condemned ...

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...nted to form an alliance with the Romans so they would not be conquered by the great power. The Romans had demonstrated that they had advanced themselves so far in society they were able to create a great amphitheater that cost a fortune, to entertain the Roman public for free. The Coliseum was used to attract attention from world leaders as well as win over the attention and love of the roman population. The games made emperors more popular and allowed emperors to demonstrate their love for the roman people. The games were used to shape and improve the public image of emperors.
The Roman Coliseum was used actively for over four centuries. This place remains an iconic symbol of Rome and its significance in history. The great Roman Coliseum reflects Roman culture and society through its architecture, economics, commonwealth, hosted events, and the roman Republic

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