Event Tourism : The Tourism Industry Essay

Event Tourism : The Tourism Industry Essay

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Event tourism is an increasingly growing market of the tourism industry which can hold major economic and socio-cultural implications for both the host destinations travel and tourism benefits and also the event. Event tourism can be defined as the ‘systematic development, planning, marketing and holding of events as tourist attractions’ (Hertanu & Boitor, 2012). Event tourism can be attained in many forms ranging from corporate event tourism which comprises of events generally of a business nature including but not limited to seminars and conferences, trade shows and executive retreats/incentive programs to public events which comprises of events mostly targeted at the general tourist consumers which include events such as sporting events e.g. FIFA World Cup, festivals and traditional community events. A primary motive of hosting an event is to allow the host community to build up their reputation and secure high prominence in the tourism industry. Hosting events are an established way to draw in visiting tourists to attractions in the area whilst also providing a pleasurable experience for locals in the hosting community. Destinations are drawn to hosting tourist drawing events to not only attract an increase in marketing business but also to improve their tourism image in an attempt to create future inbound travel and long run economic sustainability.
When deciding whether to host a tourist attracting event it is important to consider the potential of what the hosting community is able and hoping to achieve through accommodating the event. These goals can include such objectives as creating a favourable image of a destination, to attract foreign and domestic visitors or to enhance local revenue growth. Different events can be d...

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...ations are stimulated and can lead to the motivation of consumption by visitors.
Through analysing and weighing the benefits of a successful hosting of an event compared to the downfalls, it is understandable why event tourism has become the focus of development in many regional areas as the positives in the long run being that of job creation, a stimulated economy, an increasing multiplier effect and overall social cohesion throughout the host community comprehensively outweigh the negative risks of event tourism. Consequently, destinations in modern day tourism highly encourage the development and exploration of event tourism as it has proven many times over to be a lucrative and enlightening experience not only for the stakeholders involved in the event but also for the local community and` the foreign and domestic tourists attracted by what an event has to offer.

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