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Essay on Event Photography

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Event Photography
Pictures have captured some of the most famous events in our history. Whether it was Dr. King giving a speech, Ghandi walking, or even Hitler. With photography you let people come and see what you saw, or feel what you felt. There are many advantages for photographers. With a photograph you can capture memories that last forever, also there are many art institutes around the country to go to, and you get to travel instead of staying in an office or cubical.
With a photograph you can capture memories that can last forever. Pictures are not just there to look at; they are often taken to capture a memorable moment. That memorable moment can be used to educate the future generations to come, about your family, or our history. As people constantly grow with technology memories can stay documented for years to come to remember of the good times had with passed loved ones.
Hedgecoe says that lighting is everything when taking a picture. The light helps explain what you are looking at. It also, gives your picture that detail, which it needs to explain what you were feeling at that moment. It again helps when in low light situations, when you do not have a major light source (270).
An event Photographer is hired for all of your special events. According to if a photographer is working for the government or an advertising agency they have a five day, forty hour week, but not all Event Photographers are under a company. Many are individually employed, and may charge differently. Most of them have had some years of advanced photography classes in their past. Yet, the ones that work for the agencies may have more experience.
There are many art institutes around the...

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...ther learn more. Maybe to even see great sites to capture. All in all with photos you capture memories that last for a lifetime, you also, get to travel instead of staying in a cubical or office all day, and there are many art institutes around the country to go to.

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