Essay on The Event Management Of Upcoming Markets

Essay on The Event Management Of Upcoming Markets

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Research analysis and results:

The practical study on the event management in upcoming markets will be analysed in the following. The analysis is based on the semi structured Interviews and surveys, it focuses on the most valuable aspects and explains them in detail. The research questions provide the architectural structure for this analysis. Major sections are critical factors, common errors, major challenges and the role of institutional voids in event management.

Critical factors in event management:

The four basic steps that coincides the respondents are:

• Pre-operation or planning process – This includes the target people, determination of objectives, financial budget, selection of suppliers, innovative concept and outlining the other issues.
• Allocation of operational issues - This includes the Site set-up
• Implementation on-site – This happens on the event day.
• Evaluation or post-operation – This includes the coordination of information and photos and the performance evaluation.
For the successful organization of events these several aspects are considered to be critical.
One of the critical factor mentioned was the determination of clear objectives in planning. We always need to be clear on what we communicate with this event to avoid incongruence.

Time is one of the mandatory aspect to be considered. With in a single event there are different time frames to be managed like sending invitation, catering and the other essential thing is to confirm the assistance of participants.

The next important thing to be considered budget which plays an evident role in the respondent’s eye since this has to be available at right time.

The other critical factor to be taken care of is the selection of suppliers with low c...

... middle of paper ...

... difficult:

Communication and coordination issues:

“Very often trucks are not allowed to pass certain streets because of their over load. It is common the client doesn’t give you much information. You arrive there and see only 2km missing and you can’t cross that road. Sometimes the timeframe is very less and you need to find the way to move all the equipment to another vehicle which makes it complicated”
Source AIESEC interview

Problems with the government:

“In spite of a well organised event with perfect government approval can sometimes get cancelled suddenly by some government institution that was not informed, just before two hours of the start because of the tents condition which didn’t satisfy them. We had the contacts and relations with the fire workers who came and closed the place”.
Source: Interview with Volkswagen brand communication.

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