Event Critique: Minnesota vs Purdue Feb. 24th 2010 Essay

Event Critique: Minnesota vs Purdue Feb. 24th 2010 Essay

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Event Critique: Minnesota vs Purdue Feb. 24th 2010

The event I attended was the Gopher Men's Basketball game against the Purdue Boilermakers on February 24 at Williams Arena ("The Barn"). The construction of Williams Arena was completed in 1928 and originally housed a variety of Gopher Athletics. In addition to housing the men's basketball team, as it still does today, winter football training, tennis, and track all called the facility home at one point1al University of Minnesota History of Williams Arenahttp://www.gophersports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=8400&ATCLID=310102 . The main tenants of the building have changed over the years as the various teams that called Williams Arena home were built one of their own. However, the building today still has one of their original tenants as the men's basketball team still plays there shares the facility with the women's basketball team as well. The other side of the building is, the Sports Pavilion, and is home to the men's and women's gymnastic teams, volleyball, wrestling (which is sometimes housed in Williams Arena) as well as the Spirit Squad.

The event that I attended in "The Barn" was a close and heart wrenching game with the Gopher's losing by only a single point with the final score being 59-58. From the consumers prospective Williams Arena, although not as grandiose as the Universities newer additions, has a charm that sets it apart from other stadiums and arena's on campus in the fact that it can mold itself into appearing to be a lot smaller and intimate than its true size. The outside concourses are well lit and are adorned with a various trophy cases and information on current and former players. The concourse design does not provide for much space betw...

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... 14,625 StatSheet "Minnesota vs Purdue Feb 24th)http://statsheet.com/mcb/games/2010/02/24/2010-02-24_purdue_vs_minnesota/spread ), concessions seemed to be nearly constantly active which I am sure the contractors enjoyed, the fans received an excellent game which added to the allure of the arena even though it included a dismal end for the Gopher fans. If I were in charge of this event, I would map out the areas that were of least use before and at the half of the game so that some sort of area could be set up for people who want somewhere to stand or to walk to so that they would not be in the way of the long concession lines that make it impossible to move from one end of the arena to the other quickly. All in all, I believe that the event was a success for those involved both from the view of running and putting on the event and those who attended.

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