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Eve’s Choice: No Freedom

When God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden they were both innocent and good. Eve does not have freedom when being tempted to eat the apple. She made a choice to eat the apple but it was not out of freedom. Adams treatment and Satan 's arguments are both responsible for Eve eating the apple.

Eve loved and respected Adam. In lines 492-493 it says how Eve showed love in her eyes as she spoke to Adam. Eve knew Adam was superior and was the boss. Eve says “my Author and Disposer, what thou bidst Unargu’d I obey; So God ordains” (Book IV, lines 635-636). Eve does not mind that Adam is the boss because that’s how God wants it. Therefor she has no freedom. She has to listen and obey what God and Adam tell her to do.

God tells Adam and Eve that they can’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge. They both obeyed at the time. Adam and Eve woke up and were ready to start their day and work. They had a disagreement if they should stay together or seperate each other to work. Adam thinks she should stay with him instead of separating and so she could avoid temptation. Adam says “Seek not temptation then, which to avoide Were better, and most likelie if from mee thou sever not” (Book IX, lines 364-366). Adam does not think she is ready to be tempted and like he says in book IX lines 367-368, she should show her obedience first instead of her faithfulness. Is like he wants her to be captive with him. But Eve seems to be in a rush to prove her faithfulness, to prove Adam that she could go off and defeat temptation.

Eve is stuck listening to Adam. She was made to obey Adam, which means that she has no freedom. She is trying to do what she wants and prove she is strong enough to go on by herself and fac...

... middle of paper ...

...as to busy be devouring the fruit. Maybe it was the best fruit she ever tasted, or maybe she just imagined it because she expected it to be since Satan insisted it was. Eve honestly thought she will grow smarter and smarter till she is like a God who knows everything. Eve said “Till dieted by thee I grow mature in knowledge, as the Gods who all things know” (Book IX, lines 803-804). Eve was convinced with Satan arguments completely.
If Adam would have treated Eve with more freedom and would have cared less Eve would not have tried to prove her faithfulness. Eve would have known how to wonder, be by herself and handle any temptation that came her way. Eve would have known to be free. Satan also played a big part in Eve eating the apple. What can we say? Satan has a very persuasive tongue and knew how to convince Eve. Eve did not know how to be free and Satan knew it.

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