Evaluation Portion of Group Project Essay

Evaluation Portion of Group Project Essay

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General Notions
Given the obvious critical importance of the electronic and computerized systems for ICUs, it is also essential to evaluate the related implications that eICUs will, or might, have on the development of the health care in the country. On the other hand, the evaluation of the potential implications of the very implementation of the eICU idea in the senses of associated costs, staff needed, training and education required is also essential. According to Oermann and Gaberson (2006, p. 3), evaluations can be formative and summative, and both of them fit into the following flow of the project development:

This section will follow the above presented sequence of steps and place formative evaluation details before the finalizing steps taken in the process of the summative evaluation of the eICU implementation.
Formative Evaluation
Scholarly Views
The very idea of the formative evaluation is the embodiment of the repeated assessment of the project development in its progress, and Oermann and Gaberson (2006) define it as “feedback…about…progress in meeting the objectives and developing competencies…It occurs throughout the…process and provides a basis for determining where further [changes are] needed” (p. 4). The formative evaluation of eICU can be carried out as a stage-based assessment of the pros and cons that a rather costly but still obviously necessary procedure displays (Mannion, 2009, p. 22). Drawing from this, there should literary be several formative evaluations, each corresponding to the stage of eICU implementation and assessment of its effectiveness.
Basic Stages
The basic stages of the eICU implementation, as Oermann and Gaberson (2006) and Mannion (2009) argue, include...

... middle of paper ...

Thus, one can see that the division of the project evaluation process into two main stages. The formative and summative evaluation, has considerable rationale behind it. Oermann and Gaberson (2006) and Mannion (2009) argued the need of these two evaluation stages by claiming that the formative evaluation allows tracing the project progress, while the summative evaluation allows summing the project up and assessing it as an effective or ineffective one against the clear success criteria. Since the eICU implementation presents such criteria, the use of the two above discussed evaluation stages is strongly desired for this process.

Mannion, A. (2009). The Electronic ICU. American Journal of Nursing, 109(11), 22.
Oermann, M. and Gaberson, K. (2006). Evaluation and testing in nursing education. Springer Publishing Company.

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