Essay about Evaluation Of The Writing Process

Essay about Evaluation Of The Writing Process

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Unit 1 taught me to focus on each step in the writing process. Approaching the task
via steps taught me how to think about each piece of the whole. When I first chose to write about soccer, the point of my essay was not evident in the draft stage. Through the process of completing the draft, editing and editing again, I gained perspective. The group conference exercise helped me zero in on my ideas. Listening to my classmates’ opinions of my work allowed me to gain a fresh perspective and write things I may not have thought of on my own. After some refining, it was time for peer review. As I was finishing my essay, I realized that having others review my work may have been what influenced the final product the most. The peer review provided the feedback I needed to finalize my revisions. Although the revision process took the longest amount of time, it proved to be extremely beneficial and time well spent.
Unit 2:
Unit 2 helped me to strengthen my summary and response skills. Learning how to effectively quote and paraphrase a text is essential to the success of a research paper. This unit also guided me through creating a work cited page for the article I read and addressed in my essay. Two things this unit focused on was summarizing a text and responding to a text. In my summary, I learned to include what the text says, the purpose of the writing, and how the writer develops his ideas. Learning about the 7 response strategies allowed me to utilized two of them in my essay. Specifically, I chose to respond to the text using agree/disagree and extension. I agreed with Nathan Jurgenson’s main ideas in “The IRL Fetish” and thought he could strengthen his argument by including more examples that entice the reader.
Unit 3:
In Unit 3...

... middle of paper ... essay. During the third unit of this class, we were asked to identify an issue on campus, conduct research on the issue, and finally propose a solution to correct the issue. At first, it was difficult to get my ideas down and figure out what it was I would research. What I learned in class allowed me to first identify the issue I would research, write a rough draft, and hear what others had written before the final paper was due. This helped me to identify the main points, brainstorm and figure out what additional research I would need to find to support my argument. Being able to organize my thoughts from the beginning made writing the paper a much easier process. This course has helped me to grow as a writer and make progress towards becoming the writer I hope to be. Over the next three years, I will reflect on this experience and strive to be the best I can be.

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