Evaluation Of The Theory Based Practice ( Ebp ) Proposal Is A Change Model For The Proposed Interventions

Evaluation Of The Theory Based Practice ( Ebp ) Proposal Is A Change Model For The Proposed Interventions

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Change Model
The purpose of this section of the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) proposal is to apply the Stetler Model as a change model for the proposed interventions. The purpose of this intervention plan is to add to the guideline which already exists to decrease the rate of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) mainly focusing on the timing of prophylactic antibiotics administered before surgery.
Stetler Model
The Stetler model is divided into five progressive categories or phases of activity, required to implement the change (Melnyk & Fineout, 2011). Using this change model the guidelines of SCIP protocol can be modified to include the timing of antibiotic prophylaxis as it has been proven to be effective in reducing the rate of SSI.
Phase I: Preparation
The Stetler model requires an initial affirmation of the priority and the need for the change (Melnyk & Fineout, 2011). Sutherland et al. (2014) study analysis found that the patients who develop a surgical site infection stay longer in the hospital and the cost of care doubles. The study analysis also found that an additional of 91, 631 patients were readmitted to the hospital after thirty days post-operatively and the annual cost due to this complication is about $ 1.6 billion (Sutherland, et al., 2014). The Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) has promoted many core measures to prevent SSI, one of the core measure is the selection of appropriate antibiotic and timing of antibiotic prophylaxis (Anderson D. , 2014).Supporting literatures have been established which is consistent with the timing of antibiotic prophylaxis.The context of the use and implementation of this EBP proposal would be easily incorporated with the existing guideline for SCIP protocol.The search ...

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...mal evaluation of the plan, in order to evaluate whether the goals are met and also to know to what extent the plan has been implemented. Since implementing this plan, will help in reducing the SSI postoperatively and increasing the quality of patient care, evaluating the effectiveness includes assessing SSI every quarterly which is done by performance improvement team. There is no risk in implementing this plan as it can only enhance the current practice.
The ultimate goal for the change model is not necessarily to replace the current practice. Rather, the plan is intended to be an enhancement to the current practice. By providing key information to the health care professionals regarding the importance of administering antibiotic 30 to 60 minutes before skin incision, will help in following the recommended practice without fail and thus reducing the rate of SSI.

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