Evaluation Of The Students ' Content Knowledge On Phonological Awareness

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This artifact includes the culmination of working with a kindergarten student over a fourteen-week period. The results of my observations, assessments, and literature findings were presented to my peers and the classroom teacher of the student I was working with as part of course work that I took during the Fall semester of 2014. During my presentation I provide a critical analysis of the students’ content knowledge in phonological awareness. I began with a brief description of the background of my students, showed my assessment results, explain the specific the struggle the student was having with rhyming and sound recognition and what current research was saying. I then informed what further instructional assistance I thought would benefit this student. During my presentation I offered to answer any questions and thoughts and feedback on how they thought this student learning needs could best be met. It was during this time that my colleagues offered suggestions about possibly switching his intervention group, different skill work that one could do with this student to help him res...
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