Evaluation Of The Project Playground On Physical Activity For Students Essay

Evaluation Of The Project Playground On Physical Activity For Students Essay

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My participation in Project Playground has shaped my entire outlook on physical activity for students. I noted that Memminger Elementary did not have a full time physical education teacher, and the children were only receiving between ten to fifteen minutes of recess. Not all classes had recess daily and most students never experienced a physical education course. Although South Carolina does not mandate recess, the National Association of Sports and Education suggests that students receive one hundred and fifty minutes of physical education and at least one twenty-minute period of recess (Strainer). With one of the longest school days in the world, it is heart wrenching to know that students rarely receive the allotted time of physical activity and recess. Studies show that children who are physically active maintain better grades, better classroom behavior, and are more eager to learn; yet they are still being denied these leisure activites. Recess and physical activity are vital components of a school day for children, it is up to teachers to implement them in the classroom.
Many teachers follow the notion that academics are more important than physical activity and recess, and that there is not enough time in the school day to implement them throughout the day. Studies negate that notion and prove that children who receive more play time score better on standardized tests. At one period, schools in Atlanta began to build schools without playgrounds, and schools all around the country began to dismantle the system of recess (Dills et al., 2011). The dismantling of recess takes away every child’s right to play. “Play itself is so critical for children’s healthy development that it has been recognized by the United Nations Hig...

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...nstantly reminding us to twirl the rope slow because of her asthma was a constant reminder of my childhood. She always forced me to sing “ice cream, ice cream, cherry on top” and she would not jump unless I did so. Playing tag was my least favorite game because they always chose me to be “it”, but I knew playing with them made their day. Holding the students on the monkey bars and slowly letting go, allowing them to face their fear of heights made me feel as if I helped them accomplish a major milestone in their life Being able to play on the playground like a kid again shaped how I want to implement a longer recess for my students and how I want to implement physical activity in my classroom. If play can increase my students’ behavior, test scores, and their overall mental health, it is my duty as a future educator to implement it inside and outside of my classroom.

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