Evaluation of the Perspectives about the Performance Appraisal Presented by the Managers

Evaluation of the Perspectives about the Performance Appraisal Presented by the Managers

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Based on your view of the objectives of performance evaluation, evaluate the perspectives about performance appraisal presented by the managers.
Performance evaluations has many major functions, many embrace providing a basis for rewards and to evaluate previous training programs. I think the managers presented the flaws within the evaluation system. One in every of the flaws that were discerned within the case was the actual fact that emotions will creep into the evaluation process. If a manager has simply punished one in every of his or her workers that anger may cause a decent worker to receive a bad mark. The evaluation process will allow dishonesty to enter. Within the case a manager gave associate degree worker a bad mark even if her work wasn't up to par. Her reasoning was that the worker was browsing a troublesome time and this mark would facilitate pull her out. I don't believe that evaluations will effectively grade workers (Tanyaturner, 2013).
In your opinion, at what point does “fine-tuning” evaluations become unacceptable distortion?
Fine-tuning becomes an issue when someone is not accurately grading their team. He/she may have the plans to help somebody out but he/she end up hurting them by telling them their flaws. Despite the fact that he/she may accept the system is flawed he/she need to stay with the guidelines he/she were given. I am not a devotee of the system as it stands. I might advocate changing the system. However without concurred changes to the system, I don't think they might be made (Williergivens, 2011).
Assume you are the vice president of human resources at Eckel Industries and that you are aware that fine-tuning evaluations is a prevalent practice among Eckel managers. If you disagree with th...

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...on about the past. Had he not given such a great amount of weight to Baker's opinions, opinions which he had clearly been unable to quiet during the interview, he could have seen past the anger of resentment to the chief engineer’s seat which awaited him, and afterward to the benefit which that seat might bring both to the organization and to his people.

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