Essay about Evaluation Of The Mgi Team

Essay about Evaluation Of The Mgi Team

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Henry Tam Case
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Henry Tam Case
What is your evaluation of the MGI team?s process?
The team is weak. While the makeup of the team is one that fashions an environment conducive for enhanced effectiveness, it has yet to approach the set mandate in a manner that ensures the realization of its goals. Errors can be identified during the initial stages of forming the group. There are five stages of group formation. During three of these phases, the forming, storming and norming, were characterized by significant errors. The forming stage was spread through some meetings. The core rationale for this is the inability of all members to be included in the first initial meetings. Such a factor impeded on the development of the group dynamic.
The second stage, which is the storming phase, there were issues of frustrations, confusion, and conflicting expectations. Such feelings were quite detrimental to the harmony and tranquility to be generated in the group. The lack of a common focus coupled with the growing frustrations of the team members inhibited the team?s overall progress (Bianchi & Steele, 2014). For a team to be effective in meeting its set mandate, there has to be a common goal and the motivation to achieve the set goals (Kurtzberg, 2014). However, these features are lacking in the MGI team. During the norming stage, a flawed approach was employed. No apparent values and norms were set by the team. As a result, there was a high potential for confusion and a lack of positive team culture. The flawed approach in these three stages has occasioned frequent conflicts between the team members and a lack of decision making. The tea...

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...which the team approaches meeting their set mandate. Therefore, the members of the team have to understand the importance of collaboration with the other members of the team. Implementing such measures will ensure that the productivity of the team is rejuvenated.

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