Evaluation Of The Interview Process Essay

Evaluation Of The Interview Process Essay

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1. During the intro session at Tech, how would you rate the level of information given and was it thorough enough in describing Rockydale?

I would rate the level of information given at the session, from the best of my memory, as excellent. The information showed a company geared towards growth and expansion. This says a lot about a company in current economic conditions and is what a future employee is looking for in a company. The session also touched on green alternatives that Rockydale is pursuing as well as the type of products produced by the company. My only recommendation would be to incorporate more information as to what your interns will be doing. By showing a list of current objectives for the summer interns it makes the proposal of the job more tangible and will allow the candidate to visualize the position that they are applying for.

2. During the interview process, how would you describe the environment of the interview and the questions asked?
I would rate the interview process as being excellent as well. It was a relaxed atmosphere that was conducive for the candidate to freely speak and more accurately articulate information. The questions asked were good and revealed that your company was looking for a future leader and not just summer help. I have been in interviews that were not structured as well as the Rockydale interview and that ultimately left me with a poor impression of the company.

3. What aspects of your internship were most beneficial to you, and which aspects were the least useful?
The aspects that were most beneficial to me were learning to proficiently weld and cut, operating heavy machinery, freedom to move around the company and interface with the workers, and the heavy emphasis...

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7. How would you rate Rockydale’s commitment to safety?
Safety is initiated by the leadership and carried out by the workers. I believe that because the Rockydale employees possess a family like bond that allows the commitment to safety to be carried out at an extremely high level. The leadership constantly engages the employees and allows for a complete analysis of all high risk scenarios and approaches them in such a way that the risk is lowered.

8. How would you rate the aesthetics at the Rockydale facilities you visited?
The Rockydale facilities are kept clean and orderly which projects a professional atmosphere. My only recommendation would be to provide more resources such as a refrigerator, microwave, and table at the maintenance shop. I heard that the shop used to have these items but they were removed due to Chromium-6 contamination.

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