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Essay on Evaluation Of The For A Nurse

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appropriate time to examine and note if there is any open wound or pressure ulcers or any other lesions on the patient. As well to note the type of dressing applied and the time and the date the dressing was changed. This allows the oncoming nurse to manage her workload during her shift. For instance, if one of her patients has any type of pressure ulcer that requires treatment, then she can assign her assistance to turn this patient every two hours to prevent further skin breakdown.
The fifth strategy is to discuss issues related to medications. During this time, coming off nurse should address any issues or concern she had noted regarding the peripheral or central line placement. For the oncoming nurse, it is very important to note the location of the IV placement and observe for sign and symptoms of infection. Moreover, while the nurse in the room, she needs to assess whether the infusion pump is functioning appropriately and the accurate medication is infusing as well the rate of the fluid and the medication is accurate. For instance, if the physician order is to infuse normal saline at 75 cc/ hours, the oncoming nurse should confirm that with coming off nurse and need to know what is infusing.
The sixth strategy is to discuss issues regarding the pain management and note if any PRN pain medication or round the clock pain medication were administered. For instance, if controlling the pain been an issue during the previous shift, then the going off duty nurse need to address this issue to the oncoming nurse regarding what pain medications were administered and how effective these medications were. Similarly, if the patient is using a patient-controlled pump, then the both nurses should clear the pump together. When both nurs...

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...f existing shifts. He also identified the potential barriers that can lead to a limitation in moving to bedside shift reports. In June 2009, he implemented the new bedside nursing reporting process unit wide. He required the off coming nurses to ask their patients to write down any questions they would ask to their oncoming nurses or to the off coming nurses during the shift report.
The results of Wakefield’s study indicated a significant increase in the first six months following the implementation of shift report. He noticed that there was a significant increase in patient satisfaction scores. However, there were subsequent declines in Longer-term results and substantial month-to-month variability was noted.
Overall, Wakefield (2010) concluded that although there was some resistance during the transition of bedside reporting, yet the transition was made smooth by

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