Evaluation Of The Effect Of Social Media And Television On Children Essay

Evaluation Of The Effect Of Social Media And Television On Children Essay

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Evaluation of the Effect of Social Media and Television on Children
The twenty-first century includes apps on smartphones or other current electronic devices. With these apps, photos and videos can be made digital, media can be created, edited, and shared quickly in a matter of seconds. Before social media, one would have to communicate and share physically. These social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, offer the younger generation new ways to communicate and access entertainment. With early exposure to communication and entertainment, children begin to adopt violent behaviors, and inappropriate behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and bad language. Not only do they adopt negative behaviors, but they are also in danger of being victims of cyberbullying, and mental or social disorders. Due to social media, children also begin to form a lack of communication skills at a young age.
Television and social media were originally used for education, entertainment, and simple means of communication among young adults. TV had simple children shows, the news, shopping channels, advertisements, and game shows. During the beginning phases of social media, people would simply send messages and share pictures as to how their day went. Now these popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, include a range of content not meant for younger generations. The amount of children users for social media increase with the growth of adult users. As a medium for communication, children and adults can now communicate through fake identities, leaving an opening for online predation. Not only are children in danger of online predation, they are in danger of being shown inappropriate content that can expose them to developing i...

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...al filters on certain websites. However, children find loopholes and are able to access these websites, away from adult supervision. Therefore, children are still accessing and absorbing negative information behind their parents’ backs. Children then adopt suspicious behaviors and start becoming less truthful to their parents.
Social media and TV are an outlet to information that children cannot access in their own homes. Children are constantly curious and look for examples to guide them through life. Rooted within people’s ignorance, they cannot see that media is the cause of the downfall of the younger generation. Due to media, children can develop aggressive, risky, and inappropriate behaviors. Not only wrongful behaviors, but children may develop social and mental disorders that are not apparent to parents, or even the children themselves, until it is too late.

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