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Evaluation Of The Data Analysis Essay

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This chapter presents the results collected from the data that have been collected through use of questionnaires as referred to in Chapter 3. In order to make for easy understanding of the dataset, data are summarised using appropriate graphs, charts and frequency distribution tables. The results obtained in this section form a basis for the conclusions and recommendations which will be presented in the next section.
4.2 Data Analysis
Questionnaires were distributed to the potential respondents (36) who form part of TPT SC management. 31 responses were obtained, which represents a response rate of 86%. The opinions of the respondents were analysed using the following steps:
• The data received from individual respondent in the form of a filled questionnaire were coded and captured on an Excel spreadsheet in readiness for manipulation in SPC XL – SigmaZone and Data Analysis in Excel.
• The data were checked for accuracy.
• The data were used in SPC XL-SigmaZone and Data Analysis in Excel in order to conduct quantitative analysis.
The presentation of results commences with the presentation of demographic results and is followed by detailed analysis of data in order to make conclusions on the hypotheses being investigated.
4.2.1 Statistical distributions
As indicated above, 31 out of 36 questionnaires that were sent out to specific managers for filling were returned. Out of the 31 it was important to ascertain the number of years in service of Transnet as that might have an impact on how intelligently the respondent would be able to respond. On a pragmatic level, it is easier for one to make a comparison of a change in a situation if one was present at the time the change occurred. The ideal service period would be more than 3 yea...

... middle of paper ...

...percentage of a specific response type is obtained:

A histogram showing normal distribution was also used to reinforce the above result:

The summary of results was also used to assess each result:

This analysis gives us an indication of the inclination of the respondents. In this case, one can conclude that 87.10% of respondents were in disagreement with the statement.
There after a t-test was conducted on the 4 categories. Questions 1 -10 which sought to deal with the following hypothesis:
• H01: There are no risks that were introduced by the MDS on TPT SC.
• H11: There are risks that were introduced by the MDS on TPT SC.
Disagreement to the statement meant there was no risk introduced by the MDS, which means that the null hypothesis would be accepted. Therefore a value of below 3 means that on average respondents are inclined to disagree with the statement

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