Evaluation Of The Client Level And Stability Of Consciousness Essay

Evaluation Of The Client Level And Stability Of Consciousness Essay

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Appropriateness of behavior- The client seems to have times where she is covering her mouth while she speaks. For instance, when Celie dressed up with Shug, she was so happy. Every time Celie looked at herself in the mirror she is seen covering her mouth. Because the client has learned this behavior over the years.
Orientation to person/time/place- The orientation to the client has taken place in her home, during the evenings, while she is relaxed and comfortable to talk.
Memory- The client seems to recall information very well, she remembers every occasion, when she was abused as a child. The Client can also, recall prior events from her mother passing.
Sensorium- The client level and stability of consciousness is good in the terms of reception. The client is very attentive to questions being asked, she also concentrate on her answers when she feels she is stumbling.
Mood and affect- The clients’ mood always affects her response to questions asked. If she is feeling happy, she expresses it with her smile. If she is feeling alone, she expresses it with her tears.
Thought content- The client is in a place of peace and joy after been reunited with her family. Throughout this process, the client had to revisited pass events, which lead her to reevaluate her thoughts toward those events.
Insight- The client shows awareness of the signs indicating her depression and loneliness. She believed they were caused by the traumatic events from her past.
Judgment- At a young age the client was afraid of what others would say and think of her. When her husband or women from the neighborhood would call her ugly, she would show feelings of sadness.
Psychological and emotional patterns
Defense mechanisms- The de...

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...xation. For example, the client used her prayers to God as a positive enforcement to keep her soul healthy. The client also used the letter her sister sent her as aiding activity because it relaxed her, by making her feel as if she was closer to her family. The client enjoyed other leisure activities such as, cooking sometimes, reading and cleaning. But the client also enjoyed knitting clothes, she later became a seamstress with her own business.
Use of community resources and services
The client used community resources and services on many occasions. Sometimes the client would join her husband and her friend Shug, at Hobo dancing joint. At Hobo dancing joint, they would enjoy music and food. The client also used the local stores and markets to stock on house hold items and grocery. Aside from that the client would also attended church services every Sunday.

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