Evaluation of the an Effective Questionnaire Essay

Evaluation of the an Effective Questionnaire Essay

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There are many issues a person have to explore in order to create an ideal questionnaire. Firstly, one have to define the aim of the study, which in the same time can provide the basis for the structure of the questionnaire and developing the content to collect the information required to adress the study aims. Once did it, the researcher have to choose the question type and craft good questions. Last, but not least, establishing the right layout. Basing on the appendix attached, I'm going to create an evaluation.
How can a person decide whether a researcher defined the aim well or poorly? The simplest way is to examine the questions asked and how they realate to the subject of this study. Giving an example from the questionnaire attached, firstly the researcher asks some general questions, aiming at collecting basic knowledge about the learner. Some of them are open-ended and others close-ended like ”Are you a man or a woman?”. Open-ended questions surely allow the learner to write their own answers, however, question like “How long did you live there?” could be easily changed into close-ended one using age range; thus less time is spent on answering the question and a researcher himself spends less time on analyzis. I also believe that questions number 7 and 8 are somewhat cancelling each other out giving the fact, that question of age was already asked; therefore one of them would be sufficient enough. The researcher also uses Likert scale to measure the proficiency of the learners and to find out more about the learner's attitude toward learning Dutch. There is no commentary about the way of checking the answers ( questions 17-20), nor a complete explanation of the scale points (questions 17-20); some of them are simply ommi...

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...ons, which is too much time. Such questionnaires are exhausting and wearying. The researcher though provide a thank you note at the end of the questionnaire, which is the first and the last positive point given from me in this evaluation of this survey.
In conclusion, the provided questionnaire aims at collecting various types of data using short answers questions (e.g. 6) , Likert scale questions (e.g. 17), fill in questions (e.g. 2) or alternative-answer questions (e.g. 10). Many of them are very demanding and confusing at times for the learner, however the researcher, as I previously mentioned, should collect a sufficient amount of data to analyze the subject of his study if all the questions are answered and answered honestly. Taking all this under consideration, I believe this questionnaire need some adjustments to be qualified as a well designed questionnaire.

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