Essay on Evaluation Of Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

Essay on Evaluation Of Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

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In this essay, I will be evaluating Tecumseh State Correctional Institution that holds many inmates within the state of Nebraska. Tecumseh Institution is in Tecumseh, Nebraska, in which it is considered to be a maximum security prison. Also, Tecumseh Institution only takes in male inmates within their correctional facility. From the website of Nebraska Department of Correctional service states “The state of Nebraska began to build this maximum security prison in 1998 and began to accept inmates into their facility in the year 2001”. Within this correction institution they withhold inmates who are on death row, but Tecumseh does not pursue the death penalty in their facility.
One goal for Tecumseh prison is to rehabilitate inmates. Rehabilitation is the goal to restore offenders and to place them in a constructive society. Within rehabilitating a convicted felon, the prison must be able to afford the programs because they are very expensive. There are different rehabilitation options within prisons. Most prisons has a psychological program which can address criminality, sexual interest, and others. Estelle v. Gamble gives all inmates rights to have medical work done within the prison. A lot of inmates tends to bring in health problems such as Aids, Alcoholism, and drug abuse.
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution has many programs for their inmates. These programs are placed into the system because Tecumseh realizes that inmates need treatment to be successful when released from prison. According to the website of Nebraska Department of Correctional Institutions states, “This facility believes that they attend to emotional and spiritual needs of the inmates through their religious programs and services”. Some of the program...

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...riot in which three death row members died from the riot. It sounds like that the problems that Tecumseh Correctional Institution is having is about the faculty. According to the article Strategic Plan for Nebraska Prisons Raises Questions, “Prison employees, have said forced overtime and lack of pay increases contributed to a high turnover rate and an inexperienced staff at the prison in Tecumseh”. If employees aren’t trained well and paid decently than the forced overtime that they are doing is going to be less effective than trained and paid well employees. If the employees of the prison are trained and paid based on their set skill level, the state of Nebraska believes that we would not have had problems with the prison at Tecumseh. Safety and Security are the concerns of Tecumseh Correctional Institution where as the staff should be just as safe as the inmates.

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