Evaluation Of Teachers And Ineffective Teachers Essay

Evaluation Of Teachers And Ineffective Teachers Essay

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Educational organizations are continually looking for new strategies to improve their teacher evaluation models in hopes of providing a better quality education for students. Currently, a new education reform is being tested — student surveys being used for teacher evaluations. Student surveys are an inexpensive method of obtaining quality information regarding teachers and their classroom performances. These surveys will allow school systems to differentiate effective teachers and ineffective teachers. This will result in a more individualized professional development for teachers lacking in specific areas of the classroom. If student surveys have an effect on teacher evaluations, students’ voices will be heard, effective and ineffective teachers will be differentiated, and overall, teachers’ performances will improve.

Student surveys will allow students’ voices to be heard. Currently, many students feel as if their opinions do not matter when it comes to their education. However, since the students are the ones that are receiving the education, their education should be tailored to them. If there is a problem with the education system at one particular school when it comes to the teachers or classroom setting, student surveys will allow schools to pinpoint these issues. For example, Nubia Baptiste responded to the question “this class feels like a happy family” with “totally untrue” (Ripley). Students should have a positive and supportive atmosphere in the classroom; creating a happy family. If many students in Nubia’s classroom also said untrue to the question “this class feels like a happy family,” the school can investigate the class to see if it’s a few particular students or the teacher causing this problem. As high school...

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... the best of their ability. School districts will be able to find out which teachers are effective and ineffective from those who know them best — their own students. Some teachers fear student surveys because they’re afraid that students that don’t like them will purposely give them a low score; so they their students having an input on their teacher performance score. However, according to Thomas Kane, only .5% of students gave inaccurate answers. Therefore, the scores that teachers receive are very accurate, so they should count towards a small percentage of their teacher performance score. If teachers want to help students learn and improve the classroom experiences, students’ voices need to be heard. Instructors need to know what works and what needs improvement. Student surveys speak the voice of students and give them the impact on their education they deserve.

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