Evaluation Of Student Competency Assessment Essay

Evaluation Of Student Competency Assessment Essay

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Student competency assessment in CBE
Assessment in CBE. In social work education, assessment of student practice is pivotal to student progress. The assessment refers to what values, knowledge, and skills which students acquire and how they apply them in their practice settings, such as a community (Cowburn, Nelson, & Williams, 2000). As CBE becomes a trend in higher social work education currently (CSWE, 2012; Damron-Rodriguez, 2008; O’Hagan, 2007; Phillips, 2011), assessment of student competencies has attracted more attention from educators for reasons (Baartman et al., 2007a; Baartman et al., 2007b; Baartman et al., 2006; Dochy & McDowell, 1997; Dochy et al., 1999). First, CBE is built upon cognitive learning theories and adult learning approach (Baartman et al., 2007a; Crisp & Lister, 2002; Dochy & McDowell, 1997; Dochy et al., 1999) and assessment is a key component of this approach (Cartney, 2010). As an adult learner, a student learns how to improve his learning through assessment (Dochy & McDowell, 1997; Dochy et al., 1999). Second, CBE aims to help students master their professional competencies and students’ active involvement in formative and summative assessments is considered an effective pathway for them to master core competencies (Baartman et al., 2007; Dochy & McDowell, 1997; Dufty, 1992; Galambos & Greene, 2006; Yoshino, 2016). By conducting assessment, students are required to reflect upon what they learn in class and what they practice in their settings (Baartman et al., 2007; Kealey, 2010). As a result, students likely gain deeper understanding of competencies and apply them more consciously in their practice settings (Dochy & McDowell, 1997).
Along with the trend of CBE in higher education, educators face...

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...ost-test training measurement, Cartney, 2010; Damron-Rodriguez, 2008). This two time-point measurement, however, may expose a limitation when students tend to underrate their competencies in the pre-test and overrate them in the post-test (Cartney, 2010). This issue leads to an interesting question of how student self-assessments change across three time-point tests. To be more specific, if at the end of a course, students are asked to look back over the beginning of the course and rate their competencies at that time (retrospect test), whether or not their rates may change comparing to the pre-test rates. There is, however, a gap in the literature regarding this measurement. Our study addresses this gap through three time-point measurement (pre-test, post-test, retrospect test) of student self-assessment of their progress on the core competencies in the SWCO course.

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