Evaluation Of Public Opinion Surveys Essay

Evaluation Of Public Opinion Surveys Essay

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Researchers who conduct public opinion surveys in times of crisis must be sensitive to respondent concerns and ability to answer specific questions. They also must note whether there are any locations where interviewing may be problematic because of the crisis. This can include areas affected by natural disasters and those that have been the sites of military action, terrorist attacks, or other forms of violence. The requirement that no harm come to survey participants is particularly important in these circumstances.
8.4 Requirements for specific modes of data collection
8.4.1 In-person interviewing
In-person interviews are conducted using paper questionnaires or via computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), where the questionnaire is stored on a laptop or iPad.
Researchers must ensure that:
• Interviewers are specially trained on how to conduct an interview – how to select respondents and gain their trust.
• Interviewers assure respondents that their participation is voluntary, and that their personal data and answers will remain confidential.
• Interviewers act properly, know the questionnaire, and are a neutral transmitter for the respondents’ answers.
• Interviewers are adequately supervised, and incompetent or dishonest ones are removed from the interviewing team.
Researchers need to be aware of:
• Interviewer effects – the influence of the interviewer, their manner of behaviour during the interview, and even their appearance and gender - on the answers given by respondents.
• Interviewing in stressful electoral situations or on sensitive topics may impact respondents’ willingness to answer accurately and this possibility must be taken into account when analysing and reporting results.
• If interviewing involv...

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...• The MRIA DOES NOT consider online polls to be probability samples.
• Researchers using online methods to conduct a public opinion poll must follow the MRIA Guideline for Online Research – Appendix "I."
• All mandatory disclosure requirements in Section 5.2 apply.
8.4.4 Mixed modes
The use of multiple modes within a single poll is becoming common, especially as a way of ensuring coverage for groups that may be difficult to reach by the main polling method. For example, telephone interviews may be combined with online polls.
• The value of using multiple modes is their representativeness; however, researchers must always be aware of the possibilities of mode effects as different modes may produce different answers.
• When publishing results from polls using mixed modes, researchers must provide for each mode the mandatory disclosure requirements in Section 5.2

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