Essay Evaluation of 2 Preschool Programs

Essay Evaluation of 2 Preschool Programs

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According to our textbook Student Teaching, “A quality preschool program will have a balanced curriculum” along with many other standards. There are many different types of programs for young children. There are private programs, public programs, center programs, and family child care homes. Many of these programs provide a quality program for children and families. In order for us to understand what quality means we were asked to use the PAS evaluation tool on two programs. We were then asked to justify our choice of program for our final internship. Below is my description of the two programs I chose to evaluate and my justification of why I have chosen one of these programs for my final internship.
The two programs that I chose to observe and fill out the PAS evaluation tool on are Naples Christian Academy and The Learning Center. Both of these programs are quality programs according to the PAS evaluation tool. Both programs are licensed by the state of Florida. They both scored an average PAS score of 6 or above on the PAS. Both administrators have over 10 years of experience in a preschool program. The two schools employ teachers with BS degrees. The staff-child ratio in each program is low. The teachers in both programs receive staff education and specialized training. They both have variables that are consistent with a quality program. However, for my final internship I believe the best program for me is Naples Christian Academy.
Naples Christian Academy serves children from pre-k 3 through 8th grade. NCA is a Blue Ribbon School. They received this award in 2007. The Blue Ribbon School Award is the highest award granted by the Department of Education. NCA is ACSI and SACs accredited. NCA’s preschool program is ...

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...wish to achieve and will help you to achieve those goals. Furthermore, according to our textbook, “the quality of childcare is related to specific variables.” Staff education, teacher education and specialized training are some of the variables that our textbook talks about. The teacher I have chosen to do my internship has all of these variables.
In summary, I feel Naples Christian academy is a good fit for my final internship. It is not only a quality school but they also have quality teachers. The school strives to provide a quality program for children, families and staff. I know I will be able to achieve my goals with the mentorship I will and have received from NCA teachers and staff. I feel the mentoring teacher I have chosen will provide me with the help I need to achieve my ultimate goal of getting my teacher certification in pre-k through 3rd grade.

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