Evaluation of Performance Management as a Management Process Essay

Evaluation of Performance Management as a Management Process Essay

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The management process I have chosen to evaluate for this project is Performance Management.
Performance Management is a management process put in place by an organisation to ensure that employees are aware of the level of performance expected of them in a particular role within said organisation, as well as any individual objectives they will need to achieve to achieve the overall organisational objectives.
Evaluation of Performance Management as a Management Process
The benefits of a performance management process in an organisation are:
• Employees are fully aware of the goals they need to accomplish and of the expected level of conduct required within the organisation
• Should an employee fail to meet their set goals in the performance management process, a good process will contain an agreed-upon action plan to identify and correct the performance issues, with clear guidelines on how said employees performance will be evaluated going forward
• Regular and ongoing performance management is a way to involve employees in their own training and identify and issues they may be encountering in meeting their performance goals.
• Employees are fully aware of any disciplinary procedures or consequences which may result from not meeting performance goals or not meeting the expected level of conduct.
An efficient performance management process will involve employees in an organisation, ensuring that all employees are fully aware of the organisations goals and objectives and of how the organisation plans to accomplish these goals and objectives. By involving employees in their performance management and in their training and development, employees are allowed to improve on their skill set and begin to feel a sense that thei...

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