Evaluation Of Patients Do Not Always Have The Luxury Of Long Detailed Conversations About A Treatment Plans And Options

Evaluation Of Patients Do Not Always Have The Luxury Of Long Detailed Conversations About A Treatment Plans And Options

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In the ED setting, patients do not always have the luxury of long detailed conversations about a treatment plans and options. They might not even have the time or the ability to ask questions about what is happening to them regarding their care. If nurses provided some sort of information to the patient as to what was going on, it could not only reduce their stress and provide a sense of comfort, but also increase the amount of satisfaction the patient has with their overall ED experience. A short debriefing session or even a simple sentence saying: “we are going to do this thing, because we need it for (or to do) this thing” would be beneficial in so many ways. First, using the previous statement or something similar informs the patient what will be done prior to the procedure. This gives them a moment to comprehend and prepare for what is coming. An indication of what the patient may experience with each task is also beneficial. For example: “this may burn a little” or “you might feel a little poke” can provide a sense of comfort for the patient, despite what they are about to endure. Second, it gives said patient an opportunity to give permission or refuse participation with interventions. This also allows the patient to feel involved with their care and a sense of control over the situation. Third, it gives the patient a rationale as to why this is being done and its importance or significance within their plan of care. As patient advocates, nurses need to be the ones who remove their blinders during these intense situations, take the second to just talk to the patient, and acknowledge that this is still a person with feelings that everyone is working on. A few words that take just a moment to say could have a lasting impact ...

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... and access to care while not impacting the flow of more urgent patients. Proper education provided to patients about use of the ED and new policies or procedures for patient referrals could help cut down on crowding and patient safety issues. Nurses play a pivotal role in the future of ED’s and their crowding; using the time with the patients to educate them on their other health care options, the importance of taking preventative measures, and seeking proper care with the appropriate health care providers. The nurses ability to adapt to situations and provide individualized, competent, and quality care to each patient is essential to the positive relationship development with patients and their loved ones. A healthier ED environment for nurses can increase their overall job satisfaction, which ultimately results in better patient outcomes and satisfaction as well.

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