Evaluation Of Nutritional Habits And Nutrition Essay

Evaluation Of Nutritional Habits And Nutrition Essay

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Evaluation of Nutritional Habits
In this paper, nutritional habits will be enlightened and evaluated by many topics that are involved in everyday life. The topics that will be discussed are basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI), life expectancy, meal plans, physical activity, demographics, social eating, daily routines, health habits, and health suggestions. The enlightenment and evaluation of nutritional habits will explore by comparing what is an active intake and what national guidelines say is healthy nutrition.
Food. Our whole world relies on food to survive our daily challenges, but it that all that needed. If you just need food to live, you can eat anything right? Nutrition explains what is good or bad to eat. Not every person is the same, but we all need the same nutrients. The difference is the amount of quantities each individual requires. “The metabolic process involved in these functions are complex. Subsequently, most nutrients work better together than they do alone. Also, nutrient needs change throughout the life cycle in response to changes in body size, activity, growth, development, and state of health” (Taylor, Lillis, & Lynn, 2015, p.1196).
I analyzed my own meal plans and physical activity in a timeline of two weeks. This journal made me see the problems and solutions to what I eat and do. Also I will explore the factors that are helping or hindering my life expectancy.
Life is energy. Energy is essential for every person, animal, insect, plant, and specimen. BMR is the amount of energy spent at a neutral state. Everyone’s BMR is different because no individual person is alike.
DuBois and DuBois were able to come up with an equation that can measure every person’s BMR (Henry...

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...o condition my body to a set schedule of exercising. As a nurse, I would set up a three month appointment schedule with myself to see how well or poor the changes are going and incorporate different techniques to continue or change this lifestyle.
Choices. People make choices every day and those choices have aid or harm in our life. I have learned my BMR, BMI, risk factors, life expectancy, food plan guide, activity level, demographics, social eating, health requirements, and routines have taken strain on my life. My nutritional habits are self destructive and this research has been my intervention. I have found out how to change my nutritional habits and activity level to become a well-functioning person to myself. My self-analysis is the reason why and how I will change and hopefully inspire others in the future with my process to reach self-actualization.

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