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Evaluation Of Courses Of Action Essay

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Evaluation of Courses of Action Taken in the Case
One of the major issues under consideration was deteriorating grades performance on the part of the women students. The possible claim that surfaced was gender bias. The grade gaps were due to the reason that professor had an absolute authority in the subject grading i.e. class participation. The easiest solution to that problem was to cut the weightage of this subjective evaluation and increase the marks for exams, assignment, and quizzes. This was not an acceptable solution for the Harvard Business School because debate, discussion, and analysis is one of the most significant paths towards education at Harvard Business School. It is a way that really stages a real business world environment and prepares the students for the mock situation that they will face in future (Bailyn,2003). This method inculcates persuasion, collaboration, and thought process among the students. These skills are part and parcel of business studies so its weightage cannot be reduced to get the good grades for women.
The administration introduced modifications in the grading system instead of reducing the weightages. The changes included installation of the scribes in the classrooms. This would help the professors rely on their data rather than using their memory for marking class participation. This task was complemented by providing the professors with a software that could show them data sorted in many different dimensions, for example, gender and language. These efforts produced to be much effective for the Harvard Business School. The results from 2009 showed that women had 36 percent share in the student body. At that time, they had only 14 percent in top five percent in a class of 900 students.

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...lution to this case as it was directly related to them. Frei also discovered that female teachers were either too tough or soft with the classroom. They were trained by Frei to project high expectations and warmth at the same time.
The results of the experiment were convincing. The female students started performing very well. Their participations in the class raised to a significant level. The issue seems to be resolved a bit. But the work is not over, and this policy needs to be continued for more years to create and design a level playing field for all the participants of the institution. The women dependence on men should be worked out as well. They should be prepared to compete the men in getting high profile jobs in the marketplace. This achievement should not evaporate and should be maintained to get women leadership getting ready in HBS pool of students.

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